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Hello, good evening. My name is Exoventure! Artist [in training] at your service! I've been in the Internet community for a year and a little over a half, now. I've never been to an actual furcon though @.@! I'm a bit quiet, and I'm probably going to stalk the art topics. Pleasure to meet all of you, in advance!

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5 hours ago, Endless/Nameless said:

Hi!! I hope you have a good time here. 

Thank you^.^


5 hours ago, Enigma said:

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here and have fun drawing!

 Thank you, and I'll enjoy my drawing ^.^


5 hours ago, LadyRadarEars said:

 here has a welcome fennec :3

Omg ADORABLE!!! Thank you ^.^


3 hours ago, DrGravitas said:

Hi there! So how do you like to art? Drawing? Or something more exotic?

Hey, I like to draw furries, mostly furries, and rarely people. I usually use mangastudio for drawing digitally, and water color pencils for water color art. From time to time I draw plants too (But that's really rare.)^.^

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