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This game's pretty fun, and it's one of those instances where DLC's done to keep people employed and doing work rather than milking a series with horse armor. Generally speaking, you're getting your money's worth and it all goes on sale frequently.

If anybody else plays, I'm trying to get into it, but I don't have a ton of people to play it with. I'm around level 50 at the time of this post, with the medic and tank skill trees capped out. I also have the Joker ability aced. I like the large cast of characters in the game. It gives everybody an opportunity to play somebody they can relate to, except for maybe the bank robbing part... and hopefully nobody here relates to Jacket.

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1 minute ago, Lucyfish said:

I never really liked Payday. It felt very boring and wave-y to me.

In fact upon reading this thread, I literally forgot I even had the game. There it is on my Steam dashboard. I was surprised, I had completely forgotten I had bought it. xD

Welp, time to delete this thread. :(

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Nonono go ahead and keep playing!

Just to me, when I first played the game, I could not for the life of me understand why everyone went totally BONKERS for the game. Everyone I know is like "omfg I love Payday" and to me it just felt very much like a Left 4 Dead clone, but with cops instead of zombies.

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20 hours ago, Enigma said:

I've always wanted to get into this game, but wasn't sure if GTA V online heists would be better suited to my tastes.

It certainly is easier to move and control, and more based on skill and teamwork. Plus you don't get screwed over because a player five lightyears away died from a skinned knee. Not overly complicated to learn, and plenty of replay value.


20 hours ago, Chrysocyon said:

I keep meaning to pick it up when it goes on sale, but I feel like I wouldn't have the time to invest to actually git gud.

I'd suggest it on sale. Plenty of people would be happy to help you learn (us included), and it doesn't have to a constant thing. Drop in now and whenever. Just depends if you'd like to. I believe it has a demo, so you can try that. 

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