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I ultimately decided to attend the local Blacksmithing event, the Hammer-In, that I mentioned in the general chat. I had lots of fun!

And yes, @Feelwell the Rabbit, I made a leaf :3


They had a steel blank in the basic flat-spade shape and I worked with an experienced member who dealt with holding it and using the forge while I used the hammer. It was shaped in two part: First shaping the stem and vertical curve done on a etched railway-spike-shaped attachment they hooked onto their anvil, Second shaping the curve horizontally on the sides of the stem on a cup shaped attachment of a large floor clamp with a much smaller round-headed hammer.

I put a bit of a hole in the center of the stem. I guess I hit it a bit too hard there. XP

Afterwards, a rotary metal-brush was used to polish it up and I hand-brushed it to add a light-brass finish. Finally, it was heated up with a blow torch again lightly and then brushed to add a light wax-coating and boom: one leaf!


Unfortunately, these are the least blurry of my photos XD

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23 minutes ago, Hux said:

You can get 100 smithing just by crafting only iron daggers. Just make sure you don't have patch 1.5 installed because it changes the leveling system and bases it on value rather than quantity.

I had over 2000 hours on Skyrim 

Im still leveling up smithing -_-

The Good ol days of Skyrim

OT: Smithing is pretty neat. That leaf looks kinda like a spoon.

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