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Planetside 2


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I used to. It was kind of fun in its own way but it released in a horrible state and drove away most of its early players, then just kept bleeding them for months. Now the Australian server is so empty I haven't bothered for ages and playing on the others is way too laggy for me to enjoy a FPS.

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There was a meme somewhere. It was overfilled at the launch and now nobody's playing it anymore xD

I remember flying a Mosquito over a barren hillside around that time, skimming the dirt on the way to the Crown (because even then everything important happened on Indar), and maybe 15-20 metres away I suddenly load a swarm of people and die to combined small arms fire. They should never have released it in that state: it was a game that promised huge battles and fell apart if they happened.

PS2 is basically what happens when you screw up your first impression horribly.

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