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What MMOs do you play?


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Phantasy Star Online 2 although Sega is about to make a choice with the game that might actually piss me off enough to drop it until they reverse the decision. I don't play anything else. I don't have the patience for much the BS MMO's put you through anymore. 

I used to play Trickster Online from 7th grade to it's server shut down in 2013, my first year of college. So sad. Looks like trash, but it was a charming little thing with a fuck load of stat building depth I don't see much of today.

I played La Tale at one point. Don't play La Tale at any point.

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Final Fantasy XIV, though....I hear Balmung is the overpopulated and furry/ERP/RP server. Gilgamesh is the "Raiders/Angry Neckbeards/Reddit" server I'm just on Cactaur where we're a bunch of pricks. However, I do know that Cactuar's mid population range is more of a crafting server, which I generally enjoy.


It's in a "dead time" as of now since it's hit its final tier of endgame content and is just having you get ready for the next Expansion: Stormblood.

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