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Installed a 2.5" solid state drive


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I'm gonna sound REALLY stupid going over this, but I'll try to do the best I can...

I got myself a solid state drive not too long ago, expecting to be able to attach it with a single cable and have it done with.  Turns out I also need a power cable, and since I'm running a mini ITX motherboard there doesn't appear to be a slot to plug a power cable into.  So I have an extra cable dangling off my power source that I figure I should plug it into, but there's an issue; every power cable I look up to go from my drive to the power source has a female plug that's got four pins in a line.  The male end plug off my power source has four pins in a square?  I'm trying to search around Newegg, but all I can figure to type in is 'power cable for solid state drive,' which is hardly specific enough to pull up anything relevant, let alone the specific kind of plug I need.

Can someone a little more knowledgeable give some advice?  Or at least help me figure out what I need to get this drive working?

Edit:  If it helps at all, let's pretend this is the drive I'm trying to install - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820156151

It's not actually the same one, but it's one of the only ones I could pull up because Newegg links seem to be broken as of typing this post.  It's got the same connection types as the one I have, though.

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