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The Backronym Game


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As you probably know, an Acronym is a word formed from the initials of a short phrase, but pronounced as if it were a word - like NASA means National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Short words like 'and', 'or', 'in' and so on don't need to be part of the compound word. All great so far. A BACKronym is where you start with the word you want to create and try to come up with a sentence that makes sense using those letters. SOS is actually a backronym for example, as the letters were chosen for how easy they are to transmit and recognise in morse code, not what they stand for. 'Save Our Souls' came later.

In this game, one player suggests a word or an existing abbreviation / acronym (i.e. RSPCA) and the next player in line makes up a new sentence to fit those letters, then provides a new backronym for the next player along. For example:

Player 1: RSPCA
Player 2: Really sexy people curing animals.

Them's the rules, here's the first abbreviation:


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8 hours ago, Victor-933 said:

Rules don't state that the new backronym has to be relevant to the source word, so...

Oh yes, I meant to say that it doesn't have to be relevant to the word. That would make it unnecessarily difficult. Extra kudos if you manage it though!

1 hour ago, Feelwell said:


Danger! Adolescents Racing Everywhere!


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