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That Good Feeling


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Aaaaaaah I'm just posting this to pass time and stuff and talk.

Today was good. A half-hearted invite to my friends to go out for icecream turned into talking until 2 AM at Y's place, with comforting honesty, and upfrontness, whilst still being pretty cheerful. 

And talking about stuff can be so helpful. Even saying something can make it feel that bit more possible, and less hopeless and unachievable. And we still had fun and joked and I guess even learned a bit.

And it was pretty, and the weather is getting colder, which means it's starting to get more bearable here :D


It's not the kind of irrational happy that comes with mixed up chemicals. It's just a feeling that, it's good stuff. And it's good to remember and be reminded of the good stuff.

And my Amazon package isn't lost at sea, too!

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