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An Actual Future


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I'm busy.

I'm fucking busy, and not just sitting around on my days off watching random television shows, or YouTube videos, it's fucking awesome. It's like I have a purpose again.

The time I waste feels like valued time, and I'm eager to get back to what I was doing. It's no longer drive to work, work my shift, drive 5 and a half hours home, and drink my face off while loading up on drugs.

I met this person at work a few years ago that had a great idea, and I said it was a fucking awesome idea and that they should do it. Low and behold, around a year later when I met them again on a different job-site, it turns out that they have been pursuing that idea, and they're making it happen. They were looking for people to invest in developers for it, and I figured fuck it, it's a cheap price for what they have and I was just a silent investor for a bit.

Well, shit is really moving along now, and not too long ago, the fellow that came up with the plan took me under his wing and has offered me a position that I'm so fucking stoked to have. Our deadline for release is approaching, and I honestly feel that when our product is out there, that it will take right off...

Fuck, it's been an inspiration to get back into so many things that I gave up out of depression. I'm loaded up with books on design patterns, development, concurrency, database design, networking, you name it, and I have a pile of shit to do. In my free time, I'm fucking around with what I have learned and applying it to see if I'm messed up on what I know. I've been trying to apply what I've learned to some junk thing that utilizes it, and it's fucking working! There's a lot of trial and error, but things are working.

Things are actually happening with this, we're slated to roll out in 3 months... It's crazy. I haven't been much of a help myself, but I'm doing every-fucking-thing I can as fast as I can to become an asset, and it's being recognized.

I've spent so much time doing nothing and feeling bad for myself, and now I have something to pursue. It's not just this, but also a couple side-projects I have in my head, and I'm utilizing them as a more prominent interest to better myself in what I can do to help out with the main project.

I have so much shit on my plate right now, I'm so fucking happy it's stupid.

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That's fucking badass! Did you happen to thank said person and tell them what a huge breakthrough this is for your life? I'm sure that'd be awesome for them to hear that their plan had multiple good things that arose from it.

Do you think you can tell more about it, or is it meant to be kept vague? Either way, still very cool...

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