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Drunk me attacked future drunk me


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So, I have a handy bottle of water I usually drink after a night of drinking to minimize the future hangover...

As per the usual course, I took a giant drink of it before going to bed. It wasn't fucking all water this time. There was a definite and strong taste of vodka, and I spent I don't know how long just standing and staring at the wall thinking "This is horrible, but everything will be okay, don't puke, I'm going to empty this out, rinse it, and fill it with just normal water..."

Grammarly is awesome.

I fucking made it though, motherfucker that was one of the most horrible fucking things ever. I'm still trying to not think about that and write this, but holy-o-fuck, when you figure you're drinking water and it's not water, especially when the only thing you want is water, it really sucks. Good night.


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