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Broken Ding-a-lings


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I work for a hospital. As such, I get to see things involving injury when doing the troubleshooting. Sometimes the good doctors have the common decency of closing their charts before I start up a screenshare, but thats not always the case. I get to see pics of people's injuries and other yucky infections from time to time which rang from "owie" to "D:!!!!", But today's "Sorry, forgot to close that before you started the screenshare" pic was the worst: a broken shwing shwong. 

It was just as traumatizing as when Uncle Scrooge saw his dead corpse lying in a coffin. I swear I immediately felt that person's pain manifest into my own pants. And ofcourse, Dick Examiner M.D. goes "This is why you don't let them ride you too hard".


I'm still feeling the pain of that person's broken pee pee even now as I lay in bed. Sex is a dangerous thing.


I wonder what it's like to get that cast signed.

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