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The Cheesey Grin Club


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  • What is the "Cheesey Grin Club"?

-Something I just made up on the spot, come be apart of the fun! 

  • So, how does it work?

-Simple! Send me a request via PM and share some pictures of the sona you want drawn. Then what? I draw you with a cheeky ass grin and post it here for all to see!

  • Some rules to keep in mind:

1. I will only accept as many slots as I feel comfortable with.
2. I won't be accepting every request thrown my way but, I am open to trading with those you who are interested.
3. Please refrain from posting trade offers, comments, or thank you's in this thread. Save those for PMs, please!  

(After a little debate I have considered to change the last rule since I am able to edit my first post with the thumbnails of finished members! Thank you for all the support guys!) 

That's it!

P.s. For those of you interesting in collaborating, hit me up! We can hop on the Phoenix drawpile server the next time I'm free.(which happens maybe once a month)

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Highlighting the rules.
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