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What does furry stuff look like to ""normal"" people?


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Furry stuff is going to look strange to the public at large. We're interested in kids' cartoons, we play make belief and dress-up -- everything that you were supposed to have outgrown by the time you were twelve at the latest. Here's what Rush Limbaugh had to say on the subject:


The Furries, for those who don't know -- and I sincerely hope that that's most of you -- are people who love animals so much that they take on their identities and sometimes dress up like their animals. You heard right. These humans take on the identities of the animals they love, and sometimes dress up like them. It allows adults, grown-up human beings, this is a quote: 'a place to act out their inter-species fantasies.'

Lee Strom is one of the Furry Convention's founding fathers. He says just because it's weird, it's still perfectly normal to the people involved in it. He's 36. He wants to be a raccoon! (Laughing) The convention will have workshops for the Furries: puppetry, costume-making, writing about mythical creatures and here's one I think oughta be videotaped -- a workshop on Furry anatomy. (Whispering) Can you find it? Can you find it?

Of course he laughs nervously at this. Lee Strom was 30 years past the age where his raccoon fantasy would be seen as normal. Dress your 7 y/o in a raccoon suit and that's cute and precious. Dress up in one yourself (unless you're a mascot, amusement park greeter, or advertising) and that's just plain weird. That's how the PaL has been conditioned to see this.

The situation has been looking up. Since Ought 6, it has been dawning on more members of the PaL that Furries have some considerable disposable income, and that furcons are a boon to local businesses where they are held. Furbashing has been in a steady decline since Ought 6. Contrast THAT CSI episode "Fur and Loathing" with the episode of Lucifer that centered around a furcon. The producer of that episode was also the producer involved in "Fur and Loathing", so Lucifer was basically his mea culpa.

As for Limbaugh, he said that back in early Ought 5. If he were still alive, he wouldn't say it today.

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