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New Furry Erotica Author


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thewerelizard  thewerelizard has started her foray into the world of furry erotic writing. She's made a good start to her first attempt at writing a serialized erotic story. She's just posted chapter one, and you can find it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17886473/

Its early days, but she has a clean, easy reading style. Refreshingly devoid of the typical "Insert tab A into slot B until somebody blorts" writing style that plagues the furry Fandom, 'Liz's story includes character development, plot, and even a bit of taboo sex play. She's clearly going somewhere and is rapidly becoming one to watch if you enjoy decent, titillating (that means "real") furry erotica.

Check her out, you wont be disappointed!

thewerelizard  thewerelizard

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