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Electric otter says hi!

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Hello there,

My name is Elektranine "Electric otter" and I'm a young river otter with blue and purple fur. I love candy and all sweet things. On the perfect day I like to laze about with one of my favorite blankets and enjoy the warmth of the sun. I love being held and taken care of the most. I am shy but will stand up to those who seek to oppress with a fierce determination.

I am a research scientist so I may seem dense or hard headed at times but in reality my profession has trained me to look at things only with logic and not let emotions or bias distract me.

I like playing video games when I have time but that's hardly ever now. I also like camping and hiking but at heart I'm a real party animal that loves to drink let loose.

It will be nice conversing with other Like-minded furries.

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