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Cell Phone Commissions


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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissions drawn on my cell phone (no computer at this time). These are made on ArtBook Express and I get very limited tools and only three layers to work with so the results are simple but cute. Please note that they aren't as refined as art that's been made on the computer.

Fullbody pictures are rather difficult to fit but can be done. I am better at feral than anthro. Drawings will only be SFW at this time. Willing to try most things as long as it's tasteful. The following are base prices based on how long each type takes for me to complete (very complex characters might cause a slight price increase). Lately I've been liking lineless and color-lined but I can do black-lined just fine. Due to the nature of cell phone drawings, edits are difficult as is matching colors exactly.

I can send WIPs of sketches, once lined, and once color is added. If more are needed, I'll need to know ahead of time.

All final drawings will be saved under.PNG, some here are saved inder .JPG just for roomsake.

Feel free to pm me as I browse these forums often.

$5 Flat with design bg:


$8 Shaded with design bg:

Sketch5115312.thumb.png.d6bdc2436eec94c8Sketch8621915.thumb.png.77213beb2b3c7fb7Sketch90234131.thumb.png.e24ab374a7d4b4f$14 Fullbody or detailed headshot with simple or design bg:

Sketch11620145.thumb.png.140379a3e26d549Sketch10121116.thumb.png.2e54617cda1efb2Sketch27155120.thumb.png.ebe1c3db9e68d16$20 More Complex:



A new style that I just finished. It takes a lot longer to make so it's  not going to have a set price but will instead vary (probably $30+ range). 

New Style:Sketch17623596.thumb.png.d5b4e75bd8df3b0

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