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Why is Enter weird?


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What the hell? When did this Shift+Enter to do a newline without a paragraph break become a thing? Wasn't shift-enter like the opposite of this behavior in Excel? Or has the gin finally taken my recollection from me?

I have no clue, but I've been doing it for years.

I know that doing it on OpenOffice and maybe Word has some very odd effects when you try formatting, like changing the paragraph margins. It will count them as the same paragraph even with multiple single line breaks between them, so if you do it out of habit like me... Well, adjusting the margins can fuck up your entire document.

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Think I'd rather it was turned off personally unless there's some yet-unrevealed purpose it serves.

The purpose of it is to make people able to make new paragraphs without hitting enter twice. Unless you're like me and love making a LOT of line breaks in your messages most of the time, they arguably reduce the amount of times you have to hit enter over the course of 100 messages.

At least, that's the theory I can come up with to explain why it seems to be the "standard" way to do it these days.

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