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Found 6 results

  1. Overview I try to open for a few of these each year in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and for a general excuse to practice my knotwork skills. Because of the nature of the art, I will be as faithful to the depictions of the characters as possible but be aware there will be quite a bit of stylization to fully utilize the Celtic, Pictish or Norse style of zoomorphic knotworking. The characters will be by default mostly animalistic, so if you have say a hybrid character make sure to specify what they primarily look like, i.e. a deer-like body. I can definitely manage more humanoid characters if you so choose, so "feral" is hardly a requirement! Also, a bit of artistic freedom is a must for these since it takes a bit of trial and error to make the creatures "fit together," however I will be providing a preliminary sketch for you to preview and you can most definitely request certain details, such as featuring triskeles, key patterns or a certain color palette. Prices and Specifics Note that these prices are baseline. If you desire a lot of complex knotwork or stylization, prices will have to be adjusted depending on what you want due to the increased time it takes to render more detail. ~~ACEO or "badge-style": $15 for inked, $25 for color. Will be done on standard ACEO-sized illustration board (2.5''x3.5''). Can add a name by request at no extra charge. These will be laminated with a clip. ~~8''x10'' Inked: $40 for single-subject, $50 for pair. (Moth is an example of one with additional detail) ~~8''x10'' Inked and colored: $50 for single-subject, $60 for pair. These will generally be colored marker with possible ballpoint or colored pencil accents. Alternatively I can color it in entirely in sepia or other monochrome color like the tiger example below: The above prices for color assume marker and ink. I can also do these in other media, such as graphite or colored pencils. This media takes longer but conversely offers even more refinement in detail and color, as such prices for something like this start at $70 and are adjusted for how much detail and what sort of media you want. Additionally I can work in larger formats such as 9''x12'' or 11''x14''. Example of a detailed single subject done in colored pencil, 11x14. Email me bluegoblins@outlook.com at if you’re interested (don't note me here, I don't check my notes here often enough)! Make sure to provide your PayPal address along with references so I can send you an invoice (it will be coming from the same aforementioned email). Turnaround can vary a bit depending on complexity of the knotwork and whether or not you requested color but I can generally guarantee most pieces can be done by the end of March, however if my queue ends up being rather full I will notify you if it has to take longer. I ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for $3, Canada for $5. International rates vary so make sure to consult me for shipping prices if that is the case. Currently open for three slots (badge slots are unlimited): 1 2 3 Many thanks for your time, and slainte!
  2. $6 Pin-Ups [Closed]

    This offer is closed for now. Thank you for your interest! Hey guys, I'm doing some inexpensive pin-ups. Mostly just because I enjoy making them. Full info below More examples here too http://www.furaffinity.net/user/monochromatic-dragon/ If you want the result shipped to you the shipping is +$2.50 for US shipping. International shipping will be calculated separately FORM: Character reference: SFW or NSFW: Gender: Species: Choice of paper color: Shipping?:
  3. Hello! I am looking to take commissions. If you are interested in my work, please contact me via email or by my Furaffinity account. Email: Meowipede@yahoo.com FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/meowipede/ I offer a variety of things and I would like to think my style is pretty unique. ANIMATED ICONS: $10.00 - $30.00 USD TRIPPY HEADSHOTS: $15.00 USD CHARACTER BADGES: $25.00 USD FLAT COLOR: $30.00 USD FULL COLOR: $40.00 USD SKETCH PAGE: $50.00 USD DIGITAL PAINTING: $55.00 USD \ REFERENCE SHEET: $45.00 - $70.00 USD Feel free to comment and message me! Thank you!
  4. So with my having quit my job because I couldn't stand being around my former supervisor, aka Asshole Extraordinaire, and because medical problems screwing my ability to work right now, I've opened up traditional winter commissions, because traditional art is wonderful and I've got a lot of time in the day to focus strictly on it...and food, and playing with rats :3 The Furbuy links are posted, but you don't have to bid on Furbuy for either of these, FYI! You can just post here and be all "Heyyyyy Ratmomma, can I have this thang please?" and we'll go from there! I've got one slot on Furbuy currently on auction for $130: https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1079238.html, which is a fully illustrated, 20"x25" image with realistic detail (feral only). Super saucesome example: I'm also offering wintery or whimsy busts for $30 (also listed on furbuy https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1079239.html), which are also traditional illustrations! Anthro or Feral! These will be about 8"x 5"! Super avian example: Original art commission booty thread: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/topic/361-menageriecat-commissions/
  5. Hi! I'm Ally and I take commissions~ You can find my main gallery over at obliviousally @ FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/obliviousally/) and my commission-centric gallery, which also hosts adoptables and YCH's over at obliviousally-comms @ FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/obliviousally-comms). I also have a Storenvy (http://obliviousally.storenvy.com/) where I sell my original artwork. (for some reason it's not letting me insert links, so there's the url's for the time being) If you're interested in getting a commission from me, please contact me! Either directly in the comments here, via a PM, on FurAffinity via +note, or via email at obliviousally.commissionsATgmailDOTcom. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! ---------------------------------------------------------------- DIGITAL COMMISSIONS HEADSHOTS $5 - headshot sketch $10 - headshot inked $15 - headshot colored ------- headshots are from the neck or shoulders up! FULL BODY $25 - full body sketch $30 - full body inked $40 - full body colored ------- full body illustrations are pretty self explainatory! CONBADGES $30 - conbadge colored ------- conbadges are printed, laminated, and shipped free of charge! Examples of most of my digital commissions are below: ---------------------------------------------------------------- TRADITIONAL COMMISSIONS While I don't have a visual price list for it yet, I am willing to do traditional illustrations, as well. Though they are pricier, due to the time and materials necessary to create them. I use Prismacolor fineliners, brush pens, Copic markers, and other pens and such for traditional illustrations. Below are some examples with some rough price ranges. It's really best to inquire directly to me about traditional commissions, as prices all depend on size and if you want color versus sketch/inks. The prices listed are for standard illustration paper sizes, though I DO have smaller sized illustration paper - if you're interested in something a bit smaller (and, therefore, cheaper!), please don't hesitate to ask! SKETCHES $25 - 8x11 $35 - 9x12 $45 - 11x14 ------- full body, half body, headshot - they're all the same price as i will fill up the whole sheet with the image ------- the examples below are a bit messier than an actual commissioned sketch would be - expect yours to be cleaned up significantly and the lines tightened and smooth INKWORK $40 - 8x11 $50 - 9x12 $60 - 11x14 ------- full body, half body, headshot - they're all the same price as i will fill up the whole sheet with the image ------ the examples below are current to my inkwork style COLOR $50 - 8x11 $75 - 9x12 $100 - 11x14 -------- full body, half body, headshot - they're all the same price as i will fill up the whole sheet with the image
  6. Menageriecat Commissions

    Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen! I'm open for commissions, so here's my official thread! You can contact me here via post or PM, or you can message me on my Weasyl or Furaffinity! By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service. ToS quick points: Completion dates are set a month out upon all requested information being received (commission type, references, preferences); if you have a date in mind you'd like your work completed by, or if it's for a special someone or occasion, please tell me!No licensed charactersClean work, max rating PG-13Traditional work can be shipped out; fee depends on location (US and Canada)Paypal preferred (send as goods and services, not gift), snail mail is acceptable for US customers via money order only. You can purchase a money order at your bank. If you're choosing this option, please message me.I currently offer both traditional and digital commissions! I pride myself in maintaining excellent communication with my customers, and you can be sure you'll receive WIP images Below is my price sheet, as well as examples for what I offer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!