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I am filled with positive energy


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Well this is a rant or rave where i am not negative.

Well i slept like 6 hours at day time and now i dont have the feeling i am tired anymore.

Its so good.

I dont have much freetimebecause school.


Its sad that we dont have much time and we should enjoy every second of our life☺

Please delete this thread my Wifi caused the thread to get doubled.

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Is there such thing as "negative energy" ?

 Nope, just energy that can be perceived in a negative way; typically due to its density and thus decreased ability to maneuver through it. 

 Imagine walking through water up to your knees for a mile; imagine not having to wade through the water. Which one feels "negative" comparatively? 

 Now compare the scenarios of walking through the aforementioned mile of water, and walking through that water filled with piranhas. Which one seems "positive" comparatively?  

 The distinction between "positive" and "negative" energy is the degree to which we can handle it before we start thinking, "I don't want this happening/I don't wanna do this/I can't do this". 

tl:dr "Negative energy" is a descriptor for the feeling state of resistance (internal and external), and it's all relative to the observer. 


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