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I've been around on the old FA forums since 2009, and on this one since it opened, but I just don't post much. For thosewho don't know me yet, I'm originally from Ukraine, back when it used to be USSR. I've been in the furry fandom since at least 1993. I started out in IT, living pretty much paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes without paychecks on $20 a week I could scrounge up here and there, but have since switched interests to finance and economics, got degrees in the subject, and have since become an anarchist who also managed to grow and join the so called 1%. I "retired" 1.5 years ago (I'm in my mid 30's), and have since been investing in and working with companies and organizations that are trying to take down, fight against, or make obsolete governments around the world. I'm generally very busy, working way over 40 hours a week including weekends (retirement is a lot of work!). I also love to travel and travel a lot, have hobbies like Iaido, Kendo, philosophy, politics, and flying, and so may not be around very much due to such a busy life. But I'm always willing to help those who ask for it. It just may not be the help they think they need.

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