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Hello Forum, it's me, Denis


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I'm back! :D

*awkward silence*

Riiiiiight... So anyway, since I'm back, I just wanna' say hi again. Know I'm not popular, but anyway, guess I should get the shit out of the way.

You know Red right? Sure you do. I said some things about him/her/they/it/xyr because I was pissed, half the forum went into a hissy-fit, and I abandoned ship. Anyway, hope the lot of ya can understand that I was angry, and I do not have anything against Red, though I took my anger out on (whatever pronoun Red would have prefered) because of something that had happened earlier in my personal life. Forgive it and let bygones be bygones? Good on you. Salute, clap all that stuff. Still pissed? Well too bad, I'm explaining my side and it's your choice if you accept it or not.

There was also another issue on the TS with whatever their name was. Been too long. Something had affected them, I came into the TS and made a joke about taking advantage of that person's low standards to get free art (as they said what they drew was not worth commissioning) not knowing what had happened and the bunch of them got an issue with me. Not sure if they still stay up at nights because of it, but ah well, that was a mistake on my part anyway, as I didn't realize what had happened earlier.

So I decided to get back into foruming because most of the past shit in my life has been sorted now, and a few of the kewl kidz were around, so... Figured I'd rejoin, finding this place via a forum friend of the past.

So that's about it, methinks. I have enough of a track record here to skip the hobby/interest stuff. If you care for that, check my profile.

Anyway, nice to see you have a new forum and whatnot. Was kind of confusing when I didn't find the old one, but hey, I'm here now.

Everyone take care! :) And I'm hoping to start with a clean slate with you guys,

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