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Speedrun Thread


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On 12/15/2015 at 6:09 PM, Sir Gibby said:

i managed to beat Resident Evil remake in less than 2hrs with no saves

i guess thats my best speedrun

i wrote a kind of guide for it elsewhere but i forgot what i put because its gone now

Speaking of Resident Evil, I actually beat RE: Nemesis in just over 50 minutes on the PC version (the one that has the doorskip). Probably the closest thing I've done to a speedrun. I tried running 2 but I lost interest in it at some point.


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I used to regularly beat one of those DBZ GBA games in under 45 mins, my best time was around half an hour if I remember right, can't remember what it's called now though and I gave it away to a friend a long time ago. First messy playthrough took only like 3 hours, but still.

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