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Change Room Penis Etiquette


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I'm at the gym in the change room and a guy who looks geeky and has a pot belly, glasses, a comb over, and a pocket protector is getting changed. 

No problem. I go to my locker which is next to his and get my stuff out. 

He takes off his pants and underwear and leaves the rest of his clothes on and just stands there moving side to side and swinging his penis around. 

Homeboy looked to have about ten inches. Okay that's impressive. But really just standing around waving your penis back and forth seems very odd.

The rest of his body was unimpressive so maybe he was trying to show up the muscle guys with one feature that gets big without a workout? 

What should be the etiquette for penis exposure in the change room? 

I didn't say anything. Nobody else did either but it made things really awkward for everyone. Everyone could tell it was inappropriate. 

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Just now, Taikugemu said:

He was clearly trying to seduce you to have hot gay sex.


David Attenborough over here is right.

Don't you people know how inconsiderate and dangerous it is to ignore the mating dance of the rabid geek? He'll have you with that massive swinging ego of his

Stay sharp, OP

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37 minutes ago, DrDingo said:

If you say this guy looked to have ten inches..

Was this dude swinging his fucking erect cock around like a pendulum?

Nah. He had ten inches limp. 

A cock does not swing very well when it is hard. 

It isn't a "gay gym" or anything. I've never seen anyone gets sucked off there. 

In fact that would get you kicked out instantly. Which makes the dick waving even more strange. 

Change room was eerily quiet. 

Also keep going with the dick rhymes. 

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14 minutes ago, evan said:

cock brings renown, must weigh a pound

cock needs a test, in your mouth it will rest

Cock's not a letdown; long as it sounds

Cock is the best but don't let him molest


Around and around his nutsack swayed

Gaining momentum like a helicopter blade

Edited by DrDingo
It's totally better now
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1 hour ago, #00Buck said:

Eveyone here is gay. There's a poll that proves it. 

Except me. I'm not a furry and I'm not gay.

No homo.

I'm inclined to believe you now.

I mean, you were naked and faced with a flaccid 10 incher flaunting his prowess right in front of you - and you didn't instinctively jump on the guy!

No true furfag would have resisted that.

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