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Facebook as your news


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Some schmuck can post a picture of a volcano, throw a caption on it claiming it has produced 10,000x more c02 in one eruption than man has emitted since the dawn of our time, AND IT FUCKING GOES VIRAL?

Good fucking lawdy, I also have a dog that can play every track that Eric Clapton has written on a Cello


It blows my mind, I know these people, I've worked with a lot of these people, and some of the fucking shit that they share, it's fucking insane.


The best part is when they throw in a comment to go with their bullshit post over how fucking stupid some political party is in regard to the complete bullshit they've posted.

"I don't like this, you gotta be a damn-dirty low-life prick-ass motherfucking scum piece of shit cock-sucking liberal reject. FAK U.

GLOBAL WARMING (or as u green dirty fucking stupid hippie fucking tree-huggers wanna call it, 'climate change') IS A MYTH, THEM ASSHOLES JUST WANT TO TAX U MORE."

*picture of temperature here in town exactly 1 year prior to date - 1 degree warmer*


Then, you get the people that share some article about something from fucking years ago that doesn't mean fuck all anymore...

"This is a picture of Tina, she went missing in August of 1997, please share and like if u find her."

Yeah, Tina's probably bit the dust, sorry to say...


Or the fuckers that post some bullshit article that links to a website like UFOSAREFORREALFORSURE.COM.... Jeezus


It makes me laugh, but it actually does upset me. You think you know somebody pretty good until you get spammed by the fucking bullshit popping up from them.

Face to face is a lot different than face to facebook...

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between the 100+ daily imagemacros and "news" articles from rebelmedia or alternet, and the mainstream newspapers' attempts to mimic this shit in their own articles, i think the only reason i still log on is because it's the only way i can keep in contact with a few friends who refuse to use anything else.

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Facebook is a den of utter stupidity. I mean, I'm far from being an intellectual and shit but after spending some time on FB you'll start seeing yourself as the second Einstein

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I once had Facebook.

I had friends on Facebook.

I was happy.

But when I went off Facebook.

I saw that IRL, I had no friends.

And I realized Facebook friends were not real friends. Just people trying to build an empire of friends that none other could challenge.

So I deleted my Facebook.

I went out.

I got some real friends.

The End.

Also, it's a commonly known fact that Jet fuel can't melt steel beams and that 9/11 was an inside job. Global Warming is a lie made up by globalists to crash the world economy so that they'll widen the gap between the rich and poor even more, until they can eventually enslave us all to do their bidding.

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