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Cat out of the wall


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Gather 'round, manchildren! Im about to tell the tale of how a cat almost ruined a perfectly normal day for me and how Im relieved it in fact did not. There may be little to some moral significance to such telling. And you can all snicker at my expense

For starters, I should say I work in a boarding kennel at a veterinary clinc. This Sunday morning was my shift, the place was closed so it was just me doing the feeding, cleaning, etc.

I was working in the cat kennel feeding cats, just the average shift. Now here's where things get bad, one particular cat named Lambie decided to dissappear on me. Now with my job I will occassionally let cats out to roam the cat room while I clean their main cat cage, Im allowed to do that and the cats like to wander a bit. Here's my first big mistake, Lambie was a scared and skittish kind of cat, what I should have done is put him in another cage while I cleaned his. Its important to gauge an animal's behavior before deciding what is and isnt okay to do with them. But instead I figured y'know its a small room, I can always pick him up whichever corner he hides in, but then, I also left the door open...which I didnt think wasnt that big of an issue either because the hallway was an enclosed area as well.

So I finish cleaning and I got to pick this guy up, and this thing has basically dissappeared, I mean, its a small area I figured he had to be soooomewhere! After several minutes of looking Im at a loss, I look at this tiny space behind the space heater, I didnt think he was there because its a small corner with a wall. Then I noticed the wall had a hole in it and was broken. I noticed something sticking out I thought maybe a broom or a duster got trappedin there. Upon closer inspection, it was indeed the cat. Cue my momentary panic, now I have to figure outhow to get this thing out. It had only its rear facing me and I tried the bestI could to pull it out without harming it, a difficult task. After a few minutes trying that I left for a bit so maybe it'd come out on its own, or leave a trail out for it to follow. No dice. So in the end I decided to break off a bit more of the already broken wall to remove said cat, I did just enough to try to grab him before he sprinted off out of there, trying to hide in another corner where it was easier to pick him up.

Now he's back where he belongs. At last...I wonder how much I should tell my boss, if at all.Maybe I'll just leave that part out and tell about the hole in the wall behind the water heater.Im just glad I didnt have to call anyone in to help me and make a big fuss over this cat.

Moral of the story: Don't underestimate a cat's ability to find hiding spots and almost screw up your day. Also dont be an idiot like me.


^^^the culprit of the shenanigans

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The same thing happened with two rats

When my sister found out (her pet rats) I saw a look in her eyes that wanted to murder me. Eventually we both caught them from... inside a sofa

PS: Don't tell your boss about the incident unless (s)he starts to ask questions

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35 minutes ago, Chrysocyon said:

Of course, just look at that face! Would you trust a face like that?

Those eyes look positively killer on him

30 minutes ago, Ginpanther said:


But in all seriousness, I am glad you got Lambie back safe and sound! We've had a few adventures with some of our cats at the shelter getting into the rafters or even behind the cages... it's terrifying.

haha, professor jiggly? Awesome cat name x3

And yeah, cats can be sneaky bastards. Had to fish one out from under the cages once. But I preferred that even to the hole-in-the-wall incident. Very terrifying losing an animal. Especially one that isnt yours.

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