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Greetings from a feline fanatic!


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I was merely a lurker on the FA forums, not memorable at all. When I found out they closed, I gravitated to SF, but I'm turned off by how dead the website feels...so I thought I'd give a shot at coming here! I spent highschool hating furries, because I was a weeaboo and the only furries I saw were on Xat.com - people with NSFW Pokemon pics that scarred me, but in recent years I stopped being so hateful with a, "If you  enjoy what you're doing and aren't hurting anybody, good for you." Eventually I realized that being a furry was something that interests me, and now I'm here~

My 'sona is a long-haired Napoleon/munchkin cat that often dyes her fur various shades of pink. She is a dictator with unquestionable authority the Princess of the Kitty-Cat Kingdom. I just think it's something cute! I would very much like to purchase a fursuit someday. I'm thinking of putting aside a dollar a day and use that as my personal fursuit fund. I've been waiting for years to get one, and I'm alright with waiting a bit more as I've got my priorities straight, but I can't wait!


I am a very friendly person. I'm outgoing, but I am not  the best conversationalist. I've got two jobs and couldn't be happier, so on my days off, I mostly just hang around on the computer, play video games, and browse websites. I love the color pink, cats, lolita fashion, d&d, and RPGs. I don't watch anime anymore but I still go to an anime con every year since it's the closest con to me. ALso, I'm 19 years old. If you'd like to get to know me or talk sometime about anything, just hit me up and say hello! I do not give out personal information right away, or my personal acounts like KiK, IG, Steam, Skype, etc., so please don't ask♥ 


But yeah, basically I'm here to make friends in the furry community since I've none, and to socialize. Nice to meet you all! 


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2 hours ago, Pignog said:

what the hell is kik. i dont understand teens, cats are alright animals

I don't understand the point of it, honestly. I just made one because it's all some of my friends use to communicate. A lot of thirsty boys ask me for it though and I say no - I just put it there so people would know not to ask me for it :P


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