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Rave: Propaganda Programs


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I love watching propaganda programs on tv, internet and the stuff. I like looking into the socialology or whatever behind them. I like watching and learning about the people who make them, and I am espically interested in the programs against the Muslim Communities at the moment. Yes I admit to being highly, highly skeptical against the community, and in some cases very much against it. However that being said I find the propaganda that goes against the community is all for the wrong reasons. And I enjoy watching them. I am only slightly drunk at the moment.


My absolute favourite Propaganda programs are the good ol' Soviet Programs. I love 'em ^_^

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Funnily enough I've been listening to a lot of Pat Robertson (that idiotic old fuck from 'The 700 Club' who I'm pretty sure is only alive through black magic) and a lot of other, similarly silly people. Mostly just ranting about "da gaeyz", how America is doomed because of vaccinations, and how the New England Patriots are literally messengers of god...seriously.

Shit's funny.

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