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would anyone here want to draw one of my fantrolls?


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you can pick which one you want to draw and you can do whatever you want with them!
take your pick below! if I can draw something in return let me know!!


Red blood, Flumen Klanad. sweet and kindhearded. reiki/new age themed. enjoys meditation


brown blood, Goccar Matpuk, calm and practical, steampunk themed, likes making things (paints his face)


Yellow blood, Setlan Wennot, slightly mad but clever, electricity themed, enjoys experimenting
Lime Blood, Ragnar Valase, cheery but obvilious, celtic themed, enjoys singing and dancing


olive blood, Imbuka Arwest, rebelling and rude, Punk themed, enjoys tea and books

jadeblood, Topaas Bergen, exitable and friendly, gemstone themed, enjoys digging


blue blood, Qotlar Noyons, melancholic and edgy, gothic themed, enjoys hanging in bars


purple blood(hemoanon), lumase Ayeylu, secretive and silent, secret agent themed, enjoys decoding coded messages


Violetblood, Riksta Poulou, arrogant and closeminded, adventure themed, enjoys storytelling

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