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Found 12 results

  1. I require distractions to mitigate despair stemming from my consciousness of actuality's failure to balance possibility, and the constant torment of a impotent, finite personage with an infinite existence. To this end, I use Facebook, which is all well and good, only there are few educational pages that focus on science, history, philosophy, &c. that aren't stupid, and those that aren't pleb have no kek. As Kleric eloquently articulates, "your Facebook is lame". In the past I have had good fortune going to unqualified people for advice, and for any given subject the least qualified group of all is Furries. And since there is no reason you can't recommend favorite pages to each other as well, I'm putting this here. So: What are some good, wholesome Facebook pages to follow?
  2. Could svg be added to the file types accepted as attachment?
  3. Hi Guys! I really enjoy drawing in an Old-Timey cartoon style, so I'm going to do some requests. I'm mostly doing this to improve my art style and also because I like drawing. Please, if you could give constructive criticism of my art, that would be heavily appreciated. Rules: I'm going to give all characters time period appropriate outfits (ie 20's-40's); if you don't want me to do this, please specify. I'm not doing lewds, so don't ask. Please use SFW refs. If your character or request is too complicated, I will refuse. I will upload these to FurAffinity, if you're not okay with that please specify. Examples of my work: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20244137 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20244177/ Queue: Augmented Husky Caledonian #00Buck FenrirDarkWolf
  4. So I went to the museum a little while ago and I saw an Aardwolf and wow they are so cute so I was hoping maybe I could have some people help me with making up a fursona? They seem like rather mysterious creatures, more solitary and like to come out at night so here's the idea I had. An Aardwolf with the tan main fur but the stripes, muzzle, feet, eyes, and tongue a very dark purple/blue with sparkles to resemble stars, maybe the tail going from fur to more of a star filled smoke? Reading this back it sounds rather mary sue like but I think it would look so cool! If anyone wants to give it a shot I would love to see different art styles and different takes on this.
  5. Pretty much what it says in the title really, I'm hoping to find someone who's willing to draw some full-body fat fur art of my fursona. I'm prepared to pay up to $30 for a commission. I'm not overly fussed about the style so long as it's somewhat realistically proportioned while still in keeping with the 'fat fur' theme, I.e I'd rather my fursona look realistically overweight (around 300 or so lbs) than have a comically large and perfectly circular belly. Preferably I'd like my 'sona to be holding/eating a burger or hotdog while giving either an embarrassed or suggestive expression towards the camera. Here are some links to visual references on my page, I've also attached a WIP sketch I did to give an idea of the desired body shape: www.furaffinity.net: My Fat Fursona (Profile Pic) by MontyFatBear www.furaffinity.net: Monty Grizzle - Ref Sheet by MontyFatBear I've also posted a character bio on my FA page if that's at all relevant. I understand this may not interest any of the artists on here but if any of you know of a fat fur artist who is open for commissions please send me a link to their page.
  6. I'm making a new character and would like some art for him. A bust would be fine by me, sketch or otherwise He's nothing too fancy, just a black bear. Usually wearing sunglasses and a biker gang outfit. You know, with the leather and boots and what not. He's pretty strong, but also a little 'heavy' as some would put it. Oh, and angry. Usually angry, unfortunately. So a bit of a stern look wouldn't be out of place But hey, you could give him a million dollar smile with rainbow background and I won't complain. Hope that's enough to get something started. Lemme know if you need more details. Thanks for reading!
  7. I have an idea for a story. I've had it bubbling in my brain for years now, almost as long as the 3D work I ultimately decided I wanted to have accompany it. I don't know how I want to tell it yet. This is a writing-critique request for one of the ways I am experimenting with telling it: through series of short descriptions accompanied by a visual work. A sort of vignette, I guess. I don't really know how much these 'vignettes' should convey. I want to keep them concise and tightly coupled to the topic being depicted. I don't really want them to be simple info dumps, but I don't know if they can really stand on their own as little short stories either. I completed the first of these little vignettes back on Valentine's Day. I would be most appreciative of any feedback on the writing portion of it. A lot is left open or unsaid in it, and I expected that, but I don't know if I've said enough to make at least something meaningful out of it. The Description: (Since the visual/audio component is meant to help set the mood for this vignette, I'll leave it up to the critique-giver to decide whether they want to view it along with the text.) "Rederick and Blythe, together at last. There's a curious beauty in that the careers which so often kept them apart should for once bring them together. He the Science Team Lead and she the Program Manager. Desynced in time by their respective duties, they barely were ever able to sleep at the same moment let alone spend any time together. With me, we comprised the tripartite council which governed the development of the Bezgalīga Tāle project. The weekly 3-hour council meeting was often the only time they had with one another. Time spent deliberating and debating; pushed apart by practical reality. And yet, still pulled together through their love. With successful ignition came the political festivities. The massive space station housing the project grew with a flurry of activity and guests. It's grand, spacious plazas bustled with dignitaries from across the solar system of the Prīma Lapsa. Celebrations accompanied by a supernova surge in responsibilities for the two, pulled them even further apart. They prepared, then executed, and finally attended events, capped off by the grand inaugural ball. There they stood in their white tuxedo and white gown as dictated by the standards of their posts. As that same standard demanded, they shared the first dance of the ball. For the first time in a month, they were face to face without a video screen between them. I remember every minute motion they made. They moved as though they were one inseparable entity; as if they always had been. How lost they were in each other, leaving behind everything else. Their schedules at last in sync, they shared their first evening in over a year after that ball. They don't remember the ball, the evening, nor the terrible events that followed. They don't want to. But I remember for them. I remember everything they have forgotten about themselves. It was beyond all pleasures, then, that this simple moment of happiness between them was replicated unwittingly in the humble setting of the Apophysis living quarters. Alone with nothing to come between them, no memory of what they had and sharing not even a true continuity with their existence in those events, they danced. They danced a waltz of synchronicity with their blissful moment in a foreign universe."
  8. you can pick which one you want to draw and you can do whatever you want with them! take your pick below! if I can draw something in return let me know!! ----------------- Red blood, Flumen Klanad. sweet and kindhearded. reiki/new age themed. enjoys meditation brown blood, Goccar Matpuk, calm and practical, steampunk themed, likes making things (paints his face) Yellow blood, Setlan Wennot, slightly mad but clever, electricity themed, enjoys experimenting Lime Blood, Ragnar Valase, cheery but obvilious, celtic themed, enjoys singing and dancing olive blood, Imbuka Arwest, rebelling and rude, Punk themed, enjoys tea and books jadeblood, Topaas Bergen, exitable and friendly, gemstone themed, enjoys digging blue blood, Qotlar Noyons, melancholic and edgy, gothic themed, enjoys hanging in bars purple blood(hemoanon), lumase Ayeylu, secretive and silent, secret agent themed, enjoys decoding coded messages Violetblood, Riksta Poulou, arrogant and closeminded, adventure themed, enjoys storytelling
  9. So I posted this thread in the black hole (https://phoenix.corvidae.org/topic/830-anyone-wanna-be-in-furry-porn-with-me/?page=1) as a joke but now I kinda want to get a NSFW piece just to say I did! So for a ~LIMITED TIME ONLY~ I am giving permission for my virgin flower of a character to be used in NSFW art! Oh boy! Just what everyone always wanted! Now I can be a REAL FURRY! The only specifics I want are that: A) It is tasteful! No weird fetish shit or gross stuff in general! So no grandma/pas, no morbidly obese people, no beastiality, no poopy diapers, etc! (the only exception is maybe that one kink I like that some people know about... >_> ) B) My character has an average sized person dong and not a dog dong! AND THAT'S IT! The rest can be artistic freedom or whatever wacky stuff you want to make fun of me with! Here's my ref, go hog wild! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13124917/ If anyone actually decides to do this, I thank you in advance! I most likely won't be jerking off to it or anything, but a lot of people keep saying I should "indulge myself" so I figured why not do something like this for shits and giggles?
  10. So a friend of mine was wondering about getting some art of him and his boyfriend together and asked me to help him out, so I was wondering if you could help out by drawing the below description and if not for free, direct me to a place where someone can draw it for $20 or below... His description of the photo: A wolf and a lion, both male, sit on a brown couch, cuddling and kissing. The lion is a little taller, and the wolf is a little chubbier and wears glasses. A couple video game controllers are lying around as though they were just put down.
  11. Not sure if I'm doing this right... I'm new to the fandom and would like a picture of my fursona done. I don't currently have any, so it would be based off of only my description. Ivan is a crowned lemur. He has the normal male coloring, like so: His eyes are the same color as well. He is 23 and around 5'10. He isn't skinny- he has some bulk to him, a little muscle and a little chub, but he isn't fat or a bodybuilder. His head hair is black and short and slightly messy, and he has facial hair- a chin strap and goatee, which is an orangeish color like in the lemur photo. Also, if his tongue is showing, he has a forked tongue. His ears are both studded with small diamonds. His tail is fairly long, but hthat's normal for lemurs. As for clothes, I'd like him shirtless and barefoot, but the bottom of him to be wearing what a samurai would wear. Like this: I hope the picture isn't too complicated. If you think it is, the clothing can just be pants. Thank you for reading this. :3
  12. So Halloween is coming up and I have seen a lot of people drawing their fursonas in Halloween costumes and I really love the idea but I can't draw to save my life so I would love to see what the super creative community here can do! Any costume is allowed, from slutty to just a sheet just have fun! Also if you just want to do a cute sketch of Haru I'd be more than happy with that too~
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