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Japanese Furry Books Sold In the US


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So while doing a few searches on Amazon, it came to my attention that several Japanese furry artbooks are being sold digitally officially on Amazon, despite being almost entirely in Japanese and being...well, kinda lewd. And once I clicked on one, I came across another. And then another. And then I did some research and found a few other things.

You may remember a while back on the original FAF that I made several threads on Cyberconnect2's (the Japanese video game company) releases of the Kemono Books, which were essentially Japanese furry artbooks full of art by members of CC2 as well as many big-name kemono artists, most of which can be found on Pixiv. I had mentioned that these were sold digitally on Amazon, however I left it at that. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well here's some links:




However, at the time, I thought this was the end of it. But apparently CC2 also release the artwork they made and sold as part of their disaster prevention and relief program, titled "Mamoru-kun" from SEVERAL years back. This I did not know, and am honestly kind of surprised that it is sold here, since the whole thing didn't have any relevancy here in the US. The whole idea was that they'd make art and sell it and then use it to help teach children about how to avoid getting into danger as well as help those in need who are hurt during natural disasters. The art was apparently compiled into an artbook.


But even disregarding Cyberconnect2, I learned of one particularly prolific Japanese artist happens to be selling his works. Kuroimoyamoya (or something like that) happens to have 2 doujins and an artbook he's selling on Amazon of all things. That's...kind of strange, considering the kind of work he does. I would've figured his work would only be found on like Pixiv and Tumblr or something, but nope. Amazon. And not even Amazon Japan, but full blown American Amazon.




And his work is kinda....well, very lewd. VERY lewd. He does porn too, and while none of these go that far, they're pretty close to it. Like, the second one is about lesbian furry schoolgirls getting into lewd situations with each other. And I just find this kind of strange. I'd never expected to find such things sold here in the US. Are there any more of such works sold in the US I don't know about? Has anyone else read/known about these? Does anyone else find it as strange as I do that these exist officially in the US?

Also are there any that are sold PHYSICALLY? That'd be pretty neat.

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10 minutes ago, AshleyAshes said:

I see no problem with them being on Amazon.  You can even buy sex toys on Amazon afterall but... Why are these under 'Children's Books'? xD

Oh lol, I didn't even notice that. That is weird. I dunno. Still, they're at least difficult to find unless you're actively searching for them. The second Kuroimoyamoya one has an age rating on it "Age Level: 12 - 18" so at least there's that.

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On February 6, 2016 at 2:12 PM, AshleyAshes said:

I see no problem with them being on Amazon.  You can even buy sex toys on Amazon afterall but... Why are these under 'Children's Books'? xD

Mislabeling maybe?

But Japan has no problem with selling hentai and stuff to 12+ last I heard.

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11 minutes ago, malibu said:

It's a shame they don't offer physical copies of these. I don't have a kindle or tablet, but if they were available in book form I'd snap them up in a heartbeat. I love the kemono art style.

Amazon has a PC/mac Kindle app that will read the books if you don't mind reading them on a monitor.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/digital/fiona/kcp-landing-page?ie=UTF8&ref_=pd_sl_9o4tg6taoo_e

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