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Favorite Bedroom Design


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Growing up, I had many different layouts for my bedrooms. I had stuffed animals covering my bed at one point, Superhero posters all over the walls, Gunpla models on the shelves, aquariums, all sorts of stuff. I really love my bedroom to be full of things that I love, and that is true to this day. Recently, I've been wanting to buy a ton of super huge plushies for my bed for some reason (like these https://otakumode.com/shop/plushies/big-plushies?sort=pop), and have pink bedspreads too. I really like the color pink, and for some reason I want to sleep under a big comfy pink duvet, haha. Just the bed will be "childish" though; the rest of my room will remain ruggedly nerdy in its appearance, hah. B|

Do you guys have any preferences as to the layout of your bedroom? Any particular items you need or want to accent it, stuff like that?

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Laundry piled up in one of two spots (usually both, cuz clean goes in one spot while dirty goes in another), bed haphazardly made, snow leopard plush near my pillows, then of course the makeshift blinds to try to remove as much light as possible since I sleep during the day time = heaven. Oh, and a nightstand and some other storage containers.

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I the only real specific requirements for me are:

  1. Bed's headboard side ideally must be against the wall, with open space on both sides.
  2. Endtable for all my mobile electronics next to my side of bed, with ample electrical outlet space for all chargers.


1 hour ago, Ieono said:

I really love my bedroom to be full of things that I love

yep, pretty much this. Right now I've got a couple amiibo, two wall-mounted classic rock vinyls, huge stacks of movies, my Nausicaä manga, several prominently placed CDs, a couple retro Nintendo items, and plushies of a kitsune, Totoro, Scrat, and soon Nick Wilde. I also have a print from my favorite webcomic, Zoophobia, but I haven't hung it up yet.

As far as layout I try not to overthink it or i go quite insane.

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Uh... I dunno about a specific layout, but I do have some preferences / wants / etc.

  • No headboard, or one of those "storage" headboards with cabinets or shelves on it. Ideally, I'd also want it to have lights in the top.
  • Windows above or on one side of the bed.
  • Lots of windows, but also thick curtains I can open / close as I need to, that are good enough to block the majority of the daylight if I decide to sleep during those hours.
  • Windows that overlook something nice. The mountains, the city at night, some trees, whatever.
  • Walk-in closet.
  • Connected bathroom.
  • Decent amount of floorspace. I hate really small / cramped rooms in general.
  • Full-length mirrors.
  • Queen or larger bed.
  • Canopy / curtains around bed that could completely enclose it, if I wanted them to.
  • Somewhere I can set a desk / table and a chair and not feel cramped.
  • Somewhere I can set my plushes.
  • Several pillows and several fluffy bed covers. Comfortable sheets. I don't really care about the color.
  • White / gray / beige walls and dark carpet. The more "cool" or neutral tones, the better.
  • Glass or wood furniture in dark, neutral colors.
  • Some framed prints of my art.
  • Either some of those battery-operated candles, or somewhere it would be safe to regularly light actual candles.
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