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Hello! my name is alex im 19 years old and I'm a freshmen in art school. I came over from the furraffinity forums bc someone said this place was more active so yeah. I just got there too like a week ago so I am super new to this stuff 

some stuff about me uhhh I like dogs and reptiles a lot. I like monsters and aliens and stuff, hr giger is one of my favorite artists. I also like emo and punk music (and also celine dion), drag queens, nature, video games (especially pokemon), dinosaurs, lah de dah; I love drawing and I really want to learn how to do commissions. I'm awkward so I hope I can make a friend or something as well, that would be cool.
you can see my art stuff here -> http://zemie.deviantart.com/ and I'm starting putting stuff up here https://www.furaffinity.net/user/acne-scars/
so yeah! Hi everyone

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This is the first time in my life I've ever wanted acne scars to stay

Welcome to Phoenix, where many great, terrible, and greatly terrible people live.

There's a Pokemon Thread down in Three Frags Left that might be fun to check out if you're into that.

And hey, if you want to talk to someone, don't be afraid to drop them a Private Message. We don't mind; it's why we're here. (:

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2 hours ago, acne-scars said:

some stuff about me uhhh I like dogs and reptiles a lot. I like monsters and aliens and stuff

giphy.gif Hey hey hey why hello there! Just so you know, I am the top alien of this forum. This vital bit of knowledge takes absolute priority

I mean, welcome stranger, you sound alright 

Ah, another thing, people 'round these parts tend to make coarse and seemingly tactless jokes. Those folks can get a bit rough but they're always just kidding around so don't take what they say too seriously yes? That's if you're the touchy type, like yours truly haha. If you aren't, then great! You'll fit in perfect

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6 minutes ago, acne-scars said:

thank you Kosha :D And thanks for the heads up Amiir, both about you being head alien and people being kinda rough here. I'm a little sensitive but I think I'll be good. 

It's all in good fun. I think you'll like it.

Great thing about Phoenix is that you feel like you're talking to real people and hearing their jokes and stories.

As opposed to a community trying to look huggy and furry, which you never quite see for who they are.

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I saw you under the newest member thing and was hoping you'd have an intro thread so I could publicly cry about how awful your name is and ask you why have you chosen such a thing? =p There must be some interesting story behind it.

Also, this is an amazing work of art and I dunno why I'm laughing so hard at it. The simplistic brilliance behind it, perhaps? Dunno.

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Thank you Kinare! Im glad you enjoy it, ugly dogs are my favorite thing to make. No interesting story behind my name unfortunately, I just have lots of acne scars. 

And yeah emo is dead its just since I went to college my emo phase like came back. I think it's like a psychology thing, in new environments you return to earlier comforting forms of behavior. Or my emo phase just never ended and I will always be a loser  

and yeah! I can't get them to work? Is it just you put your username and not like the full url? I'll try that

oh yeah that was it haha

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