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Theory about NX console


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I thought about this and it might be true.

Nintendo confirmed that a new console named NX comes but i dont think its a console.

What if its an expansion for the Wii u or a handheld. I mean why would they drop the wii u to a second death, zelda wii u is coming and that would be ridiculous.

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So few people care about the Wii U, making an expansion for it would practically be throwing money in the bin.

If Nintendo's team have sense, they'll have realised they should build something new that the masses actually want to buy.

Nintendo seems like a company that would jump on the VR bandwagon.

Time will tell

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I don't have a clue as to what they'll do with the actual NX itself, but I'm gonna bet it will have some really well-integrated backward-compatibility. Especially with all these big-deal games (Zelda U, Star Fox Zero, etc) just coming out now. They could advertise it as more of a huge upgrade rather than as a completely new deal, and keep selling all those games. 

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