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Rant: These lemurs are the worst! D:


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So on March 20th I went to my favorite zoo again and to my delight I saw that one of the lemurs who I always take photos of had twins! They were just five days old, super tiny and incredibly adorable :3 And the whole group was fighting over who could groom the little ones, it was a little bit like old people fighting over who could kiss the new baby first X3


Now I can finally take pictures regularly of them to document a little how they grow up! And maybe they will get just as attatched to me as their previous offspring so I can hang out with them!

Well, so I thought....

Long story short: One of the twins was brutally murdered by one of the adults (bite wound in the torso and the face was pretty much torn off according to one of the zoo keepers) and the other one is still alive but it lost a freaking foot!
What the fucking hell! How did they manage to do that?! I mean, infanticide is pretty common among ring-tailed lemurs. So I am actually not entirely surprised about one of them having become the deaded... But come the fuck on! How on earth did they manage to rip off a freaking foot? D: Did they pull on it while fighting over who could groom it?
Imagine leaving your newborn kid with its aunts and grandmas and when you come back it's missing a foot because they were fighting over who could hold the baby first...

The little bugger is less than two weeks old... What an awful family the poor thing has! XP

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8 hours ago, SirRob said:

Thanks to your topics I now know more about these lemurs than my own family

Good. Lemurs are important so I'm glad that I can help you with this. 

8 hours ago, AshleyAshes said:

"Police report that a Florida woman..."

If lemurs were people they would totally out-weird Florida. You might think that they just want to move it move it, but they can be little awful monsters. It honestly makes me question why I got so attached to them! :o

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7 minutes ago, SirRob said:

Nature is brutal, ain't it. At least it wasn't you! 

It really is. And they couldn't do anything about it either. If you remove one from the group they pretty much assume that animal is dead and when you want to put it back into the group they will fight to protect their rank inside the group. And the mother wouldn't accept their babies anymore as well. Ring-tailed lemurs are pretty brutal in that regard... So they really did have to let nature run its course.

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3 minutes ago, SirRob said:

Yeah, I figured there would have to be a good reason for the zookeepers to not intervene. Interesting social behavior. I learned something, so I guess the death of those babies wasn't totally in vain, right?

I guess :T
And I learned that they might just be the most mentally challenged creatures on earth XP

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14 minutes ago, pothocket said:


Jesus, those eyes. That lemur will murder you in the shower.

Naa. This one is gonna kill you:

25381311974_b0a2c446a0_b.jpglemur by Mathias Appel, auf Flickr

It's their boss. She is freaking gigantic and the only one with the balls to bite you if you touch her.

1 minute ago, SirRob said:

I dunno, looks cute to me

Cutest baby murderer ever


I mean except for like gerbils and stuff

They really are incredibly cute. and really soft, too.
In general they are very friendly and curious, they also usually don't bite anyone. But they are still wild-ish animals. So you gotta be a little careful and some times things can get ugly, which this whole mess demonstrated nicely...

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