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I want to discuss some character traits...


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hello! I was struggling with some character development and I thought maybe you have some ideas.

the first character I want to bring up has the placeholder name "Forth" and Forth is a Selkie.
Selkies are creatures from celtic mythology that appear as seals, but can take off their skin and then look human. If you get to the possession of a Selkie skin, you can force the creature to stay with you as a lover or a friend, though you should make sure they never find the hide, because they'll be gone as soon as they can.
Forth has not had his own skin for ages, because he couldn't find it even after the human that had 'tamed' him died. As such he is now forced to live a human life.

The second has the placeholder name "Clyde" and Clyde is a Eachs Uisge. 
Eachs Uisge together with Kelpies are often generalised as Waterhorses. Waterhorses are a dangerous branch of Scottish Fae that live in landlocked waters and prey on humans. they appear friendly, inviting the human to take a ride and then dragging them into the water and drowning them, after which they eat them. Eachs Uisge, unlike Kelpies, also have the ability to take a human form. waterhorses can be tamed, to do so one must replace their reigns and halter and lead them away from the water. 
Clyde, like Forth, lost his freedom to a human that passed away, leaving him with the choice to live as either a human or a horse and he decided human would be better.

the two know each other and get along on friendly terms, relating to each others stories while obviously very different from each other.

my main problem for them is that I am not sure how much their species would influence their behaviour, even after he's been living as a human for very, very long. Fae are basically immortal, so they were tamed generations ago and still look exactly like back then, this is also a problem, because I'm not sure how this would influence their relationships with humans, if they could have those at all, because I'm not sure how capable they are of understanding human emotions.

so if somebody wants to brainstorm I'd be thankfull!


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They'd be reclusive types, or they'd simply travel from place to place and not stay anywhere long enough for their lack of aging to be suspicious. I'd imagine in this kind of timeframe they'd be hardened to the possibility of forming more bonds with humans, but simply feign along just enough to get by.

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Agree with Flynn. I don't really see them becoming prominent members of society. I'd imagine there'd be some bitterness as well thrown in for good measure, though that depends upon the characters.

They could also just be bored. We always think humans are less exciting, anyways.

Or you could go the Sandman route. Guy gets immorality and basically just jumps between jobs as he sees fit. Tries new things. But he's a human and that's what a human would do. An immortal? Maybe not. Time doesn't mean shit, so generations of living like that would still maybe feel like a handful of years to them.

Depends on how broody you want to go, I suppose.

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