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Anyone else like looking at advertisements for video games, consoles, etc from back in the day? Its interesting to take a step back and look into what once was and how people thought back then, to see the different advertising styles and see the things that were hip and cool back then either be outdated now or be things we take for granted. I think its fun looking at a lot of old advertisements.

For instance:

silky smooth.jpg

>fast, seamless 15 frames per second video

Its so strange reading this nowadays when there's such a push for 60FPS or higher. And then there's things like this:

unreal n64.jpg

Where people were amazed at graphics that nowadays would look outdated, and how even back then there were these silly little "clickbait" articles talking about rumors and myths. Its interesting. If any of you have any to share, please share them! Its fun to look back at what once was.

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That Unreal thing, I remember having the dutch Power Unlimited and they were talking about the amazing graphics. I was amazed with what they could do with the new concept of an "Unreal Engine". It was unreal to me.


So much has changed. And I still love the game :D

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