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Found my sisters cat!


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So about a year ago my sisters cat started to go missing. At first it was 2 days, then it was 3 days then a week then a few weeks until we just stopped seeing him altogether. We suspected that someone on our street was keeping him indoors (this is most likely). Well my sister moved out of the house and was upset that Jess was nowhere to be found. Queue the Kinny coming home from her little trip to the other town and what does she see? She sees Jess! And what does she do? Shes grabs that little bastard and brings him into the house, calls her sister and she immediately comes over and thinks I am amazing. Here's the little critter -


To add on, after a year he still had his collar on that indicated he lived at our parents house, and yes he is microchipped. He has actually lost weight (he has a lot of fur) and I doubt he has seen a vet in the past year.

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Slippery little bastard! Your sister must be really happy, congrats.

Im sure he'd have plenty to say if only he could speak, Id say it consisted of catlike adventures but those are pretty much just sleeping and eating with some other stuff in between

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