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Attention please !!

So i thought about my dream making an anime and at first i need to make a manga. So i had an idea that we could all work together.

Since i am alone it would take years to finish it and so we could work all together.

How i pay you hmm since i dont have any money i include your fursonas in the story.  I need persons from here who can write good and  people who are good at making storys and drawing. I take it very serious.

If you dont want you dont need to, its your decision, i can then do it myself if nobody wants to join. You can contact me through pm or skype or hotmail.

Story makers:



Your Nova



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3 minutes ago, Rabbit Head said:

Why does it have to be a manga? Will it be made in Japan? Be written in Japanese? Read right to left? Will it even be a manga if it doesn't fit this criteria?

Wouldn't the anime just be a cartoon if made in the West?

Well yes its technically a cartoon.

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11 hours ago, Nova said:

I take it very serious.

Really? This is for real?

You want your dream of making an Anime to come true but you don't want to do any of the work. AND you want to hire people to do all the mountain climbing and expect them to work for free and you're serious?!

Do you have a script? Character Sheets? A presentable synopsis? Story ideas?



Nova, really, go learn to at least write or how to make a script or something. There are many of resources on those subjects all over the internet. If possible, put some more effort into working on your art. Thso options would be a much better investment with your time.


I'm all for your dream Nova but I can never find myself taking you seriously if you're so adamant about not lifting a finger to achieve it.

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