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Rant: Outgrowing a Fursuit


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So, I have a pretty cool full body Lucario fursuit. I have brought it to cons no problem so I brought it to Fanime this last weekend. I didn't get a chance to try it on before but there should have been no issue as I had done major updates to it a few years back so it'd be my size (it was too large when I bought it).

Anyways, I go to put it on and it doesn't fit. I couldn't even put my hands through its wrists. I was able to put on the lower half just fine but the upper torso was giving me issues. I made the adjustments back when I was 18 and now that I'm 21 I guess my proportions changed. 

I love the suit because it is what introduced me to furries and fursuit but I don't think it is worth cutting up and changing again. Especially since the suit is almost 10 years old now and still features a lot of its original fur. It'd be better just to sell it and make a new one. :/ 


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I thought I was done growing at 18 so I thought correcting its size to fit me would be fine. 

It still fits my legs and hips ok but it is way to tight on my arms and barely fits my chest.

The suit that I made last year still fits perfectly though so it should be safe to make more based on my current size without fear.

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