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FAQ Suggestions

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In the near future, the mods are going to create a FAQ page for newcomers to the forum.

Use this thread to suggest FAQ's to include so as to make it not suck. 


Also, the possibility of an "About" page is up in the air too, to let people know who we are and what this is; so please include any suggestions for additions to that also.



To start it off, here are some of my suggestions:

FAQ Page:

  • How to get a custom member title
  • How to gain access to the Black Hole and Red Lantern
  • Tips for editing on mobile (quoting, etc)

About Page:

  • A short history of the forum's origin, since so many newcomers have expressed an interest.

I'm crazy tired and couldn't remember a lot, so do your thing and fill in the gaps. 

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10 minutes ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

Is there a serious tag or ls all of site discussion serious tag?

Because there are some interesting FAQ questions that can be inserted

I mean, there's no reason we couldn't have fun FAQ's in there too, but let's keep it stuff that would actually be somewhat useful knowledge regarding site usage....

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Here's a list of all the BBCode tags I've found to work in IPB's editor:




Horizontal [­hr] line



[­b]Bold text[/b]
[i­]Italicized text[/i]
[­u]Underlined text[/u]
[­s]Strikethrough text[/s]
[­indent]Indented text[/indent]
Bold text
Italicized text
Underlined text
Strikethrough text

Indented text











[­snapback=2] This will basically link to the specified post ID.


[­post=2]Same as above, but you get to choose your text.[/post]
Same as above, but you get to choose your text.


[­topic=2]Thread link[/topic]
Thread link







This is [­size=5]larger[/size] text.
This is larger text.


[­font="monospace"]Monospace text[/font]
Monospace text


[­spoiler]Joe dies.[/spoiler]


Joe dies.


CO[­sub]2[/sub], x[­sup]2[/sup]
CO2, x2




[­email=test@test.test]Test's email[/email]
Test's email


[­blog=2]Blog[/blog] [­entry=2]entry[/entry]
Blog entry



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