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Subnautica - AKA "Damn Nature! You scary!"


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So during the steam steam summer sale I happened to pick up a copy of this early access gem: Subnautica.

For those that have never heard of it Subnautica is an open world adventure game with a heavy focus on exploration and atmosphere. You play as a lone survivor from a space ship that crashed into an alien ocean. The only place to go is down.... and holy shit is it awesome! The game is both beautiful and horrifying as you plunge into its depths.

The game starts you out in pretty, peaceful scenery and gets you thinking, "This isn't so bad. In fact this is rather pleasant!"


But as you explore deeper...



It just gets darker and the local wild life.....  Bigger... and hungrier.



A true horror game in disguise. The game is still very much an alpha build, but its been a blast to play.  The full game when its completed is going to be epic. But even now its been a ton of fun and well worth the buy.

Anyone else play this game and excited about it cuz I sure am? <;

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I got it a while ago and it's already one of my favourite games ever!

Already invested many hours played into it, but I keep myself from playing until a new large content patch comes along. 
Also, I know Ima play ass loads more of it once it officially releases, so there's no reason to totally spoil myself before then... mostly.

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Reviving this since it's hitting 1.0 later this month.
I reinstalled it because it just would not run on my toaster mid 2017 for me when I bought. But now that it's extremely optimized and I can actually play it, I can enjoy more than I already did. And I have to say this is now one of my top 20 favorite games for sure. It's rough in some minor areas, but I still love it to bits. It's the best survival/crafting game I've ever played.

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