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Various One Offs


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This thread will just be for random one off pieces, poems, bits of dialogue I come up with, internal monologues to develop my characters, or whatever fiction I write that I can't fit anywhere else.

This first one was posted as my status last night, if I can dig up some of my older ones from wherever they're posted I might stick them here too.


Fatigue hath come and night as well,
the torment of my waking hell
be done with all that I can do
I'll sleep before my demon crew...

As the dark grows ever near
my twisted thoughts will shine so clear
the day had blinded my ambition
only night can serve my mission...

Yet trapped in confines of this life
work, rent, taxes, dodging strife
I only want to take my turn
to bring the torch, let my hell burn...

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As I walk the path to war
I hold onto my tears.
The demons wait behind that door
To feed upon my fears.

I cannot let them win this time,
Too much is at stake.
They want me to confess my crime
They'll haunt me til I wake.

But I'm not guilty, this I know.
The hate is all a lie.
I need to let this false bond go,
The weight won't let me fly.

So tell me what you want to hear,
It doesn't matter now.
That I'm the one who wasn't clear,
On words that you'd allow.

But why must I stay in this cage
To let your beasts roam free?
These bars will only hold this rage
and he who drowns is me.

The door is open, demons ride
Playing in the night.
Guilt illusion cast aside
Truth is truth, they're right.

So say that I'm the one who's wrong
If that's the way you see.
A shame that you are not as strong
But I don't care, I'm free.

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"You should try to see Lenae more often. She never shows it when you're around but she misses you a lot when you aren't. I know your work as a scout is important, and especially now, but you and Marcuus aren't the only scouts we have. You could... take a full week off now and then."

"Lenae knows my work is important. And not to brag, but I'm better at this than most. Besides, everything I do is to keep her safe. I want her to have a good life, to be able to live without fear. I don't want her to grow up in a war zone like I did."

"...Like WE did, Declen. Do you remember your parents?"

"My father no... But I remember my mother. I do... still miss her sometimes She gave up everything for me. I just wanted to... see her again."

"Then you should know this. Children in that position don't care about the lives their parents want for them. They just want their parents to be a part of it. You know I will do anything for her, but you're her dad and she needs to feel like you know that too."

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We hold the sky within our hands
Look down upon our sacred lands
Remember all we used to be...

We give the world our very best
Put the evil to the test
Keep the world forever free...

But the times are changing fast
Evil clings onto the past
The future is not letting go...

We raise our swords one final time
Put an end to their last crime
Let the blood of evil flow!

Future shining on us all
It was our time to heed the call
Eternal blessing on our souls...

My brethren have laid down their swords
But I cannot face this reward
My rage still burns like ashen coals...

The demons lay vanquished and dead
And my rage is fueled by dread
Will I never fight again...

I will be the devil now
No matter what, no matter how
My sword will yield to no-one's pen...

My brothers rise once more to fight
My sword turns day into dark night
My brethren shaken to their core...

Upon my old home's blighted sand
Finally I understand
Our hearts will always bring us War...

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4 hours ago, Moogle said:

The one you've written with demons behind a door flowed so wonderfully, Flynn! Do you post full pieces on any sites? Would love to check some more of your poems out. :)

I do have stories posted on FA, but my poetry is all here. It's not something I do a lot of. What's here is what I've done.

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When the world turns its back on me
I'll keep on walking tall
I'm not afraid to fall
I'll keep on fighting for what needs to be

When the world turns its back on me
The struggle weighs me down
Turns my lips to frown
But I know there's more than what I see

When the world turns its back on you
Your burden I will share
I can't help but care
Only you decide what you can't do

When the world turns its back on you
Lean on me my friend
This doesn't need to end
Together we will find a way through

When the world turns its back on us all
Let humanity in
Don't be afraid of sin
Open your heart and hear Empathy's call

When the world turns its back on us all
Let the walls come down
Spread it all around
Love is what will save us all

When the world turns its back on me

I'll be the person that I need to be...

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Once alight with righteous fire,
Did I rule my home.
None would seek to rise my ire,
Nor contest my throne.

But came the foe I couldn't fight,
No matter how I tried.
Too late I felt its callous bite,
The deadly sin of Pride.

I was King, I couldn't lose,
The world was at my feet!
What care have I for one small bruise?
Would not be my defeat.

My power grew, my might unlocked,
Hampered not by age.
I couldn't see what I had lost,
The warnings of the Sage.

The stairway lies ahead of me,
The path before me clear.
I'm closer to what none can see,
I've left behind my fear.

The final victory is mine,
The spoils, new grand throne.
I turn, my old life left behind,
I've won, but stand alone...

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