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Buick Riviera


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The '65 is awfully nice! Weird, when I see the cars out today, none of them appeal to me, in the least, aside from a means of locomotion. Right now, my eyes are not good enough to pass the vision test; I need to have a cornea transplant and get this weird specialty hard contact. I can see OK from the one eye, and the eyes look normal, but the one is about 20/400, the other is 20/40, ish...has been like this since college, Kerataconus, thinning of the cornea, who knows why. Well, I'll be able to drive again in time...and when I do, I wanna have an older car, just for around town, mainly.

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The 71-73 Riviera is one of my favorite Buick/GM cars ever built. It was one of the handful of times Buick really went out of their way to design something unique, different, and stylish with some featuring the GS-built 455 (mid-72 they went to the emissions 455). I built a '74 LeSabre and a '73 Electra 455...solid cars, solid frame, and most importantly...solid engine. Love the Buick 455...

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