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Rave: Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack


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This show is one of my favorite cartoons. Got no real meat to this thread. I just really loved this show. Could be cute then suddenly creepy. And it was so fucking funny. I think my favorite episode was when they were stuck with that mechanical genie and he pissed Captain the fuck off. 

I love these really oddball cartoons CN has sometimes with bizarre, varied art direction. Chowder and Gumball come to mind. Chowder was pretty amazing too. Used to love how they'd walk and the textures on their clothes would stay in place and have this scrolling effect. And the focus on cooking was something everyone could relate to. Who doesnt like food? God I loved that show. It was super lighthearted too.

But yeah, watching Flapjack recently really pulled me out of an emotional funk. This show is magical. I might go catch up on Gumball and Regular Show after this. 

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