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Battlefield 1 Beta


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On 9/3/2016 at 3:54 PM, Pignog said:

so is this game like historically accurate WWI? Or is it is generic arcade shooter with gasmasks and butt rock

If you're winning by too much: "Oh hey, here's an armoured train to help out the other team! Have fun dedicating all your resources to beating it! I'm sure those guys who were losing before will just leave you alone while you do that, tee hee!"

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Battlefield One made me so angry that I had to reinstall Bad Company 2 and play it for a bit just to feel better. 

My poor medic, what have they done to you? :c

6 hours ago, Lucyfish said:

The armored train is only really effective for one point, anyway.

The whole game structure really doesn't make much sense.

It actually covers three, but the only one people give a shit about was D. 


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