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I found a really beautiful game where you play as a wolf and other animals. It just went on Kickstarter not too long ago and is already funded, it would be cool to see how far this can go.




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This looks very interesting, I certainly am a huge fan of the central concept, but a few things make me too leery to back it.

For one thing, they admit in their risks that their set goal is not actually enough to finance the game, saying they will have difficulty with anything less than $390,000. Though they say they expect to get investors, it still raises the question of why they set the funding goal at only about 1/4 of the actual amount they need, and what exactly will happen if they fall short and can't find investors...

The other is simply one of preferences; it sounds like the game will be somewhat linear, while I would prefer a game of this type to be open world.

Overall, it still looks really promising, and I will be watching the project.

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