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Like many people who create and have created things, I used to create things because I hurt. I didn't practice much because it was too much effort, and I had to be really down to be driven to make anything. A year ago, I recreated an image from a music video a friend showed me because I was feeling particularly awful that day. I don't remember what music video it was, who that guy is, or what group/artist it was. It was the last thing I made until a few days ago. This is it:


I was listening to Phil Ochs' Power and The Glory a few days ago, and I had one of those corny realizations about what one wishes to do with their time, and I decided that I was going to try my best to start making and doing things again to tell people about the things I feel that have or are "Beauty that words cannot recall."

Because quite a number of his works are and have exactly that for me, I quickly drew a common image of Phil Ochs to somehow jump back in from where I left off with some changes in style:


It really looks as new and bright as I feel despite glaring imperfections. that nose is an impostor for one, and I didn't feel like messing with hair or wool

I feel out of my league just posting these here, but I'm going to make a greater leap and start displaying the things I make all over the place - work and school permitting. I'll drop the visual stuff here and elsewhere, and I'll put the more word-related stuff in other places.

Here's to wondering what new things I'll learn and make along the way!

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