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Derpyote Musical Progress Thread


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So well hey, I'm a derp who doesn't even know the musical notes but I'm learning and making music.
I think.

This is my progress and sharing thread! Expect every genre without vocals.

Imma start off with a thirty second or so clip that is me trying to learn how to combine different parts pf music - because I can freestyle one instrument but combining them sure is... difficult.
Hence this progress piece.



Let me know what you think!


(Also,  does anyone know a good way to create techno style beats for synth? I'm thinking of doing some of that but honestly don't know how to do so and they don't come with many on my synth programs)

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Alright, a critique. Well, about halfway through it sounds like you're unsure where you're going with the theme and how to end it. You've figured out pretty much how to make sounds, but your still working on putting them together, and really that's the hard part. I'd recommend looking at enough theory so that you'll understand better how different tones mix and what do to with rhythms. This website has some easy and short lessons that will get you started on that stuff. It's not as fun as just playing, but after you learn some of the theory you'll be spending less time thinking about what you're doing and more time doing it. Also, if you are able to put your music down on paper you may be able to see patterns and such that you miss listening to recordings.

Not much of a critique.

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I have a couple more!

So I started playing around with LMMS, which seems to be pretty cool... I made a couple of things with it's midi piano rolls.
Have to say, it is alot easier for me to get consistent/synchronized tracks when i have the entire thing laidd out in front of me rather than improvising.


Now a bit of disclaimer: These are more small bits of loops than anything else...

Learned alot more by 2, looked up more about rhythm and beat.... Got bassline fairly synced up, but still basically placing notes by ear with a very rough scale guide and winging what few chords there are.



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