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rantrave: going 2 the store


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rant part: driving with grandma sucks no matter where i'm going.  store is never open when i'm awake, save for right when i should be going to bed, so i'm always ass-tired when i go.  and it's crowded in there, like anxiety-inducingly crowded, and fat people and grandmas and snotty child-barges are always brushing up against me or blocking the entire aisle or waiting for me to move out of their way but i can't because i have to stop and read the ingredient labels to make sure there's no soy fuck you soy get out of my food  and of course i always spend so much it hurts to look at the receipt because i only get to go like once or twice a month and i always end up getting tempted to buy a couple of things i don't absolutely need because i've been good lately goddammit and i deserve those jumbo scallops.

rave part: BUT THIS MEANS I ACTUALLY GET FOOD TO EAT.  and while i'm at the store i can see new stuff they have, i get to be out of this miserable house for a minute, and i can look at food and get ideas for stuff to cook and get re-inspired to eat less junk food and actually make my own stuff.  it's also a rare opportunity to listen to music with both earbuds in and not have people bothering me constantly :^)  and sometimes i get to see my Aldi Girl, this cute cashier i am way too gross and inept to flirt with.  then i get home and i don't have to fear a mad scramble to scrape together something edible in time for work, and i don't have to buy extra food from work just to get me through the day because i have enough in the house to bring my own.  amazing. 


ayyy macarena groceries!

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I was just thinking the same thing. Yesterday I got off of work and I just wanted to sit around and play video games, but I knew I needed to go grocery shopping. I waited forever because there were only two checkout lanes and both were clogged due to argumentative customers.

However, I actually had options for breakfast today, and I might not have to go shopping again until after the superbowl.

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