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Sibling Bullshit Abridged


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Oh boy, my sister just enjoys pushing my buttons. 

So she decides it's a good idea to go to a sandwich spot to get us some full-sized heroes (even though we still had some leftover crab legs and fried shrimp). It was apparently taxing on her wallet and she asked to borrow a dollar to get some chips (and to also send me to the store to get them). She had given me this long-winded story about how it was hot outside and she was fatigued, and how she does a lot for me and yada, yada, yada - essentially the same talk she gives to her boyfriend, that ,quite frankly, is the reason why they're so tense with each other.

A little secret: I had to save her when she was getting her ass beat by him (I fucking pulled a knife out on him), lost plenty of hours of sleep to make sure it didn't repeat, and repeatedly talked to the boyfriend to calm him down when shit was getting ridiculous. I'm not going to hold this over her head to get what I want, hell, I don't ask her for anything.

Anyway, I told her I didn't care about the dollar, and she somehow took it as a snarky response. Even though I'm a lazy fuck, I'm not beyond going downstairs to buy something for a family member -  It's just a minor annoyance on my end and nothing more. She then begins another cycle of arguments about how she does everything for me (even though nobody tells her to do anything). She then tells me that I'm "going to starve while I'm here" even when I have my own funds to support myself(and she knows this). She also knows how short my temper is, and that my self-control goes to nil when I'm pissed (what sets me off is repeat offenses),

Admittedly, I was very close to letting my fists do all of the talking - revenge is a beautiful thing - but that would've ended... badly,

I bet in a week she'll want to go out for dinner to "make-up" for the fight - you know, another thing to hold over my head. I will tell her to "royally fuck off". 

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34 minutes ago, Jtrekkie said:

No one can hurt you like family. Bully for you, keeping her safe. If she doesn't appreciate it now I'm sure she will later on.

The only thing I could hope from her is the removal of that certain trait. It's incredibly annoying.

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Dang that's rough. Just a thought.. assuming these arguments arise often, next time make it clear that she no longer has to do any favours for you, and the same will work in reverse. She may realize then just how much you've helped out. Y'know that sayin "you don't realize what you have until it's gone"; might give her a different perspective. 

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